Graham Lyall’s been in contact to let us know bout a new show for next years calendar, Aircooled 14. The show will run over the weekend of 27 –29 June 2014. We’ll Let Graham explain more…


Having chatted to a lot of people over the last couple of years it became apparent that it was time for an Aircooled Only VW Show, there are a number of well known events across Europe but currently nothing here in the UK itself.


We wanted to choose a location with easy access from all over the UK & Europe and we think our choice of Stratford Racecourse fits that criteria, easy access from the motorway network and great signage already in place on all major routes into the town.
Stratford is well known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare and the location of the recently refurbished Royal Shakespeare Company located on the banks of the River Avon. In order to see some of these sites we are working to get shuttle buses in place that will run into the town centre (only 5 minutes away) on a regular basis making it a great location for all of the family.
A craft fair or farmers markets is held in the market square every Saturday morning so a great place to stock up on local produce.

What Vehicles are Eligible

The centre area within the racecourse will be exclusive for aircooled vehicles only or those vehicles that were originally fitted with an aircooled engine. The only watercooled vehicles allowed into the centre area will be traders/caterers and support vehicles. We hope that people will respect this decision, as there are plenty of shows that cater for the wider VW scene.


At Aircooled14 the camping area is part of the main show allowing clubs and individual campers to either prep their vehicle or set up club displays whilst remaining in their camping location. Rather than having 2 separate locations all of this will be incorporated into the main aircooled only area within the centre of the Racecourse.
Those driving a water cooled vehicle but wanting to camp within the main show area are welcome to bring their own tent or rent a Bell Tent from our good friends at Magical Camping for the duration of the event. Their car would need to be parked in the overflow area outside the main show area.


There will be traders on site that either sell parts/autojumble or provide services that help to keep our aircooled vehicles on the road. We are allowing a limited number of clothing suppliers but again ones that are VW related.

Vintage Bike Paddock, Vintage Cruiser Bike & Shopper Races

Into your vintage bikes?, there will be the opportunity to camp with fellow bike enthusiasts creating a vintage bike paddock area.
Whilst the racecourse isn’t suitable for motor powered racing there’s plenty of area to race bikes in a circuit. Classes still to be finalized but intital ideas are to have races for vintage cruiser style bikes (no gears) and races for the ubiquitous ‘Shopper Bike’. Prizes for winning as well as best fancy dress.

Don’t own an air cooled vehicle?

For those that still want to camp in their vehicle that’s not aircooled, there is a camp site at Stratford Racecourse immediately outside of the Centre area, they are more than welcome to camp here but booking for this must be done directly with the campsite itself as we have no control at all over the area and it is not part of the site that we have booked.

The Team behind the Show

The main driver behind the show is Graham Lyall but is working with a team of like minded people and local groups DTA & RSVP to help deliver the show. Graham started Midland Early Bay 6 years ago and before that worked in the event industry for over 20 years so will be calling on a combination of skills gained across the event & VW world to make this show a success.

For more info & updates go to our Facebook page or keep an eye out for the event website going live very soon.
Graham Lyall

Aircooled Events Limited 07748 908905

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